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What Can a Town Council Do?

 A local council may take on powers from the list below, in agreement with local authority. A Town Council would seek to make things in the town better for the individual members of the community and the businesses. Below are some suggestions how we would undertake this project;

  • Provision of more Allotments and Sustainable Living Areas to grow vegetables and fruit for the families, for provision (perhaps through Foodbank) to those in need and for local people to pick from the trees in the sustainable areas.
  • To provide and maintain a focal building for storage of historical artefacts relating to the town and its history.
  • Provision of local conference and function rooms suitable for multiple uses and at a cost affordable to local residents.
  • Provision of a local centre for the Arts and performing arts, and sponsoring of a local amateur dramatic and operatic society.
  • Financial assistance for more active policing in the area to cut down crime. Improvement of town cleanliness and eradication of flytipping and graffiti by provision of sufficient staff and Community Support Activities to reawaken a sense of civic pride and duty of care for our town.
  • Organisation of roadways and road systems to provide an effective thoroughfare system throughout the town to ensure an adequate and safe balance between pedestrians & vehicles and to provide suitably timed and priced parking.
  • Appropriate procurement and allocation of property to enhance the town’s prospects and accessibility as well as providing affordable units for start-up shops to begin trading in a thriving town.
  • Provide public service buildings and ensure that publicly accessible open spaces are maintained and provide a holistic experience for the whole family and are utilised to their full ability without compromising their utility and beauty.
  • Arrangement and provision of Community Action events designed to enhance the local community and to provide a helping hand where needed to areas within the town which require improvement.

What can a Town Council not do?

A Town Council cannot take on the responsibility of a principal authority however we can enhance and engage with some of the principal authority services such as;

  • Education,
  • Transport,
  • Social Services,
  • Development and Building Control,
  • Environmental Health. 

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