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Proposed 3 Year Plan


 Stalybridge Together has been formed with the sole objective to set up a Local Council in order to provide a non political steering group for the development and preservation of Stalybridge.

This proposal is a statement of intent to the community of Stalybridge.

Working partnerships will be formed with:

  • Stalybridge Business Forum: To support traders & businesses in the town 
  • Stalybridge Town Team: To work with Stalybridge Town Team to promote the town. 
  • National, Regional or Local Competitions: To enter, promote participation and awareness of appropriate competitions such as Stalybridge in Bloom. 
  • TMBC Planning: To complete and present a neighbourhood plan & support planning applications that benefit the town.
  • TMBC: To enter negotiations regarding the transfer of services and town strategy.
  • Tameside Police: To support and assist PubWatch and police community support officers. 
  • Fair Trade: To promote how establishing Stalybridge as a Fair Trade hub could benefit the Town 
  • Friends of Stalybridge Station: To provide vital information, offers and issues regarding our very important rail link. 
  • Town Centre Council Offices.
  • Friends of Stalybridge Historical Sites: Groups interested in the preservation, promotion, use and maintenance of the wonderful sites within our town that are, currently, underused and often not well maintained.

Functions would include:

  • Provision of advice and support to residents 
  • An office for local planning applications and licensing issues. 
  • A focal point for the coordination of town centre management.
  • A meeting place for town volunteers and interested groups and parties.
  • Appropriately priced function rooms and resources for local groups and companies, and for those wishing to invest in our town.

Transferred Services

To enter into negotiations with Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council for the transfer of the following 

  • Market / Civic Hall 
  • Town Car parks 
  • Cheethams Library 
  • Allotments 
  • Provision to provide toilets
  • Parks and open spaces

Proposed Values
These proposed values are a series of standards that Stalybridge Together pledge to maintain in the service of the community as a Town Council.

Honesty and Integrity
Your Town Council will be truthful and the focus of the group will always be for the benefit of the community as a whole.

Openness and Transparency
Your Town Council will be open with all transaction and decision making throughout the process. Provision of access to all council documentation and resources will be maintained at all times.

Fairness and Equity
Your Town Council will value all of the community equally and the work undertaken will be without bias or prejudice.

Community Focused
Your Town Council will place the needs and aspirations of the local community to the fore and will work flexibly and collaboratively with any organisation that has an interest or an impact within the town’s boundaries.

Environmentally Sensitive
Your Town Council will ensure that all development within the town is undertaken in an environmentally sound manner and provision of services, venues or events do not compromise the environment of the town.


Mission Statement
Stalybridge Town Council aims to improve the quality of life for the residents of the Town. To this end, we endeavor to encourage and promote the best social and environmental practices for Stalybridge by managing services, assets and the resources of the Town Council. We intend to benefit the local community by working together with all sections of the community in the best interest of the town, and for the betterment of the town and surrounding Villages.

Our Objectives
We aim to achieve this vision and mission by focusing on 8 key objectives

  1. Preserving the unique character of Stalybridge 
  2. Promote, develop and maintain a busy, popular and interesting town centre
  3. Revitalise the Market Hall & Civic Centre to become again a thriving focus for the town 
  4. Improving and maintaining community spaces and parks within the town 
  5. To promote, in partnership with the local emergency services, a safer community with a stronger sense of community and civic pride. 
  6. To develop tourist attractions, a unique and varied shopping experience, and regular, town focused, events.
  7. To ensure that the rail and road provision serves the community efficiently. 
  8. To provide community leadership and effective management of the local resources whilst delivering responsive public services in an open and transparent manner.


  • To ensure that the rail and road provision serves the community efficiently.

To lobby for improved public transport links including the preservation & addition of services to and from Stalybridge Transport Hubs.
To propose upgrades to the road network within the town.
To provide adequate information regarding safe routes to schools, entertainment venues, parks and childrens play areas.
To work with the highways agency and local authorities for the provision of safe cycle lanes and walkways within the town.
To ensure that adequate provision for disabled visitors is maintained and clearly marked.
Provide and maintain litter bins to ensure that rubbish collection is timely and sufficient for the requirements of the area.

  • To provide community leadership and effective management of local resources whilst delivering responsive public services in an open and transparent manner.

To develop and administer a grant scheme, business scholarship and mentoring programme that will promote the development of Stalybridge.
To enhance services initially provided by theMetropolitan Borough Council.
To provide a focus group that ensures that any changes in service provision benefit the local community.
To work with adjoining local town councils to provide a service for all members of both communities.
To work with developers to ensure all appropriate town developments are in accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan.
To work with the schools, colleges and young peoples groups to develop an effective and efficient youth council in order to ensure the provision of excellent community leadership for future generations. 

  • To develop a unique and varied shopping experience and regular town focused events in order to attract, encourage and promote tourism.

 To ascertain, by community research, what people believe will enhance the town’s tourist profile.

To support, develop, organise and promote events that not only provide a showcase for local produce, talents and skills, but also supply goods and services that are of interest to the local community.
To provide a series of community events, at regular intervals throughout the year.


Together with TMBC and local groups we aim to:

  • Preserve the unique character of Stalybridge 

Ensure, by provision of local historically accurate information, that the character, treasured buildings and local places are not only maintained but are also not compromised by modern developments in inapproriate places.
To provide information that ensures that changes and adaptations to period buildings within the town are completed to a satisfactory standard in keeping with the area.
To make recommendations to TMBC Planning Committee on all planning applications affecting the town.
To work in conjunction with the residential and business communities to prepare a viable and suitable Neighbourhood Plan for Stalybridge .

  • Promote, develop and maintain a busy, popular and varied town centre

To implement the policies contained in the Stalybridge Town Centre Strategy which outlines a vision for the town centre regeneration.
To develop and create opportunities for new business growth within the community.
To ensure a high standard of quality in new residential and commercial development that supports the local town.
To ensure that any residential or commercial development within the town is provided with adequate provision of services, road and support networks.
To potentially provide financial assistance or incentives to organisations that work with the community in our town.
To provide a focus for planning concerns within the town.
To coordinate and present such concerns to the relevant authority.
To support Fair Trade initiatives and provide encouragement and assistance with facilitation for new and expanding businesses within Stalybridge.

  • Maintaining and improving community spaces and parks within the town 

To ensure that land within the town is developed in accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan.
To promote the most viable and community supported redevelopment plans for Stalybridge. 
To provide, maintain and improve safe children’s play areas in the town.
To promote, document, develop, maintain and preserve the public walks and spaces.
To develop the local spaces within Stalybridge as places for artistic, sporting and creative events.
To support the development of appropriate sport and leisure activities for the community. 
To establish a Nature Trail around the Town using the canal, river, bridle and footpaths.
To promote walking, cycling, and hiking routes around Stalybridge to local and national walking groups including information regarding the town and the services that are available.
To promote, in partnership with the local emergency services, a safer community with a stronger sense of community and civic pride. 
To continue to support community policing by supporting adequate provision of Police Community Support Officers in the Town. 
Work with relevant local services and groups to provide information aimed at guaranteeing a safer and more risk aware community.
To provide information and community events showcasing the advice of the local emergency services.

  • Revitalise the Market Hall & Civic Centre to become again a thriving focus for the town 

To recreate, maintain and promote a local market that provides goods, services and produce that differ from the town’s traders.
To increase the use of the Civic Centre rooms to provide a viable focus for the community in the Town.
To negotiate with management of the Civic Centre in order that costings for room hire are within the capabilities of local community groups and individuals.
To provide a focus for seasonal and specialist markets that deliver a range of goods that are not supplied by the town’s traders or are seasonally appropriate.

 Monitoring, Assessment and Review

The objectives and targets in the Neighbourhood Plan will be monitored by a sub group that report to the Town Council on a quarterly basis.
Roles, groups and remits will be reviewed on a yearly basis and reassessed to ensure that the most efficient use of time, funds and energy is maintained.

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