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About Stalybridge Together


We are a group of volunteers campaigning to create a new Stalybridge Town Council to benefit Stalybridge and its communities.

A Town Council could achieve much for our communities:

  • Give us a voice through a publicly funded, democratically elected and accountable body.
  • Provide a regular forum: the council would meet at least once each month so our communities can discuss issues that matter to them.
  • Raise our profile and champion our communities’ interests.
  • Be an obvious point of contact and consultation for the borough council and other authorities on matters relating to our communities.
  • Work with the borough council and other authorities.
  • Use its funds to make a direct, positive difference to our communities – all money raised through the precept is spent locally.
  • Support local voluntary and community groups through grants and by helping to promote their work and achievements.
  • Create a communications hub: information, support, promoting local events and organisations and linking our communities.
  • Planning: be informed and consulted by Tameside Metropolitan Borough council on all planning applications. Lead on developing a Neighbourhood Plan so that our communities can have a say in what’s built in our area and not miss out on possible infrastructure payments made by developers.
  • Create an action plan to achieve residents’ priorities, e.g. regeneration, tackling eyesore buildings, improving our parks and playgrounds, rejuvenating our market, developing tourism and increasing footfall, working to ensure Stalybridge and it's communities have good quality leisure amenities.
  • Engage with national policy such as My Community Rights and develop a Neighbourhood Plan
  • Focus solely on the health, wealth, environment of Stalybridge and it's communities.
  • The local council would be in addition to, not a replacement for, Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council.
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For more information about Stalybridge Together or to attend a meeting, please contact Vicky McLarnon, Chairman of Stalybridge Together or call 0843 88 65 338 or

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