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Together for Stalybridge Town Council


If you wish to become a member of Stalybridge Together please either print off and send in a copy of the membership form that can be found here

How can I get involved

  • Join the group by completing the membership form.
  • Any interested people in the Stalybridge area , or who believe in Stalybridge as an individual town can join the Stalybridge Together group.  
  • Residents under 18 can join the group which will form Stalybridge Town Youth Council.
  • Volunteer to help at our events, door knocking, leafletting etc

To find out what Stalybridge Together Committee and General Members do please follow this link

All that we ask of members is this:

  • Spare us some time to help not only at the meetings but organised events and meetings, this may only need to be 1-2 hours but if everyone contributes it's far more sociable and meanse we can all get to know one another.
  • Be committed to the cause, this is not a flash in the pan nor a speedy process but a long, drawn out process, please be patient.
  • Volunteer to set up and organise public meetings
  • Arrange meetings of your local residents for Question and Answer Sessions with the Committee.
  • Seek out information and complaints and issues from your local area that can be brought to Stalybridge Together to help with.
  • Attend what Events you can, whether in Town or in the villages surrounding, promote all local events where possible.
  • Seek out other people who will be willing to join and help. We need as many people as possible to promote our cause, to ensure more people sign the petitions so that the Community Governance Reviews are undertaken with the majority of peoples support rather than the 30 % who vote usually.
  • Be prepared to be honest with us, to help us to move forward, to achieve our goals.
  • Not to be negative and overcritical, rather to seek solution and action to ensure that we can all move forward to our independent town.

 If you wish to join other residents in working together to campaign and create a new local council please fill in the form online or download and complete the membership form and return it to

  • Music Corner: 17 Melbourne Street, Stalybridge. SK15 2JE
  • E Taylors Lighting: 27 Melbourne Street, Stalybridge. SK15 2JE
  • World Web Design:  55 Mottram Road, Stalybridge. SK15 2QP

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