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Campaign Launch Night. 13th January 2015


Cheshire Association for Local Councils


Opportunities for Stalybridge


Tuesday 13th January 2015; Stalybridge Civic Hall, Trinity Street, SK15 2BN


Outline Agenda



Aims of the meeting

The Cheshire Association of Local Councils, with ‘Stalybridge Together’ are inviting you to this

meeting to discuss opportunities for the town of Stalybridge. The meeting will aim to set out what a local  council can do for a town and a borough.   There will be plenty of opportunities for questions and discussions




6.45pm            Welcome to Stalybridge Civic Hall;                ‘Stalybridge Together’

This is a very short welcome by a representative from Stalybridge, probably the chairman Vicky, to everyone for coming to Stalybridge for what will be an interesting discussion on opportunities for Stalybridge. This is the point at which toilet facilities and fire muster points will be highlighted


6.50pm            Welcome by Chairman;                                    ChALC

Cllr Terry O’Neill (Helsby Parish Council) will chair this meeting on behalf of ChALC.   The Chairman will welcome everyone on behalf of ChALC, explain the context that ChALC is here as Stalybridge is within Palentine Cheshire.  However, ChALC is just one of a number of associations including one for Merseyside and other parts of Greater Manchester through LALC – highlighting that local councils are not just in rural areas.  The Chairman may introduce NALC as the national association


6.55pm            Local Councils – the benefits to all;                Cllr Ken Edwards, Cheshire East Council, Bollington Town Council and lead for the emerging Parish for Macclesfield Town

Cllr Ken Edwards will give an interesting presentation on the benefits of a local council for the community and the borough authority, Cllr Edwards will use many examples to demonstrate the benefits.  Cllr Edwards is well placed as he is a Cheshire East Councillor, a Town Councillor in Bollington and has been one of the leading figures in ensuring Macclesfield Town will become parished all being well on the 1st April 2015

7.15pm            Questions to Cllr Edwards

This is a short session for the audience to ask any specific questions to Cllr Edwards


7.25pm            ‘Stalybridge Together’ – opportunities for the Town

This slot is for Stalybridge Together to launch their vision for Stalybridge of becoming a Town Council.  I suggest that you promote the positives to Tameside and well as Stalybridge.  Highlight that it is all about collaborative partnership and fits with the wider vision of Tameside and community hubs.


7.35pm            Questions to ‘Stalybridge Together’

Immediate questions to Stalybridge Together.  The Chairman will ensure that this session does not overrun and that the questions are helpful


7.45pm            Discussion and next steps;                               Chairman

This will be the time to have the panel; (Stalybridge Together Chairman, Cllr Edwards and Chairman Cllr O’Neill) to answer any points that have emerged from the discussions.   The Chairman for the evening will be able to remind the audience of the process for the campaign:


-     consultation on the area being considered for the town council

-    Campaign to gather signatures of 7.5% of the electorate showing that they are in favour of the Town Council

-     Petition will be submitted to Tameside who under new legislation will have 12 months to generate a community governance review

-    Hopefully the Governance Review will be successful so a Town Council can be formed all being well 1st April 2016



8.00pm            Close                                                                     ‘Stalybridge Together’ & Chairman

By closing with both the Chairman from Stalybridge Together and the Chairman of the evening – Vicky, the Chairman of Stalybridge Together can thank everyone for their participation and for the great discussion etc.  This will be followed by the Chairman of the evening thanking everyone for attending.   He will remind people that their questions and comments from this evening will be answered by Stalybridge Together.   Responses will be through their website and in writing if people have indicated this.  The chairman will then wish Stalybridge Together good luck in their campaign and effectively handing over the chairman’s role to Stalybridge Together.


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