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The Proposal and Costings

Our proposal is to create a new Local Town or Parish Council covering Stalybridge and the surrounding areas who have the SK15 postcode. The area covered will be a Local Council and is more than likely to be called Stalybridge Town Council. The Council would be made up of unpaid councillors, democratically elected by local residents and supported by a professional, paid clerk. The leader of the council would be the Mayor of Stalybridge. Stalybridge Town Council would be in additon to, not a replacement for, Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council and its focus would be Stalybridge (SK15) area only. It can be formed under the Localism Act 2011.

Stalybridge Town Council will be funded through a precep, this is defined as

     "an amount of money paid by each household and added to its Council Tax Bill. The precept is based on the type of property you live in and is set as an annual amount which is then paid over 10 months."

The precept is set each year by Stalybridge Town Council when it decides the budget for the town.

The cost of the precept depends on what the council seeks to achieve.

An example of the precept for band D properties are:

  • Baildon Town Council receives £15.32 per year (£1.52 a month for 10 months).
  • Ilkley Parish Council receives £24.04 per year (£2.40 a month for 10 months)
  • Mossley Town Council receives £7.05 per year (£0.71 a month for 10 months)

The precept would be collected on behalf of Stalybridge Town Council by Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council. All the funds collected will be spent within the Stalybridge Town Council area.

The Council’s spending will be guided by what local people say they want. By law, the Council has to be publicly accountable for all money spent and to keep accurate and open records. Any and all acounts will be publicly available on request.


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