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What Can Stalybridge Town Council Do For Stalybridge?

By bringing Stalybridge Town Council into being the Council will be able to;

  • Give Stalybridge a voice through a publicly-funded, non-political, democratically-elected and accountable body.
  • Provide a regular forum for the local populace to bring issues and problems to a group who have local interests at the forefront of their intent: Stalybridge Town Council will meet at least once each month so our communities can discuss issues that matter to them. 
  • Raise the profile of Stalybridge and champion our communities’ interests at a local, borough and national level.
  • Be an obvious point of contact and consultation for the Metropolitan Borough Council and other authorities on matters relating to Stalybridge Town.
  • Work with the traders to regenerate our town centre, increase the footfall and utilise the buildings in the town profitably for the community.
  • Use its funds to make a direct, positive difference to our community and ensure that all money raised through the precept, and other fund raising activities, is spent in Stalybridge.
  • To support and provide a pathway to regeneration of our Town Centre and community.
  • To promote and permit usage of buildings in our town in an historically appropriate manner and to ensure that any change of use or new building proposals are in keeping with the historical perspective of the town.

What Can Stalybridge Town Council Do For My Community?

  • Create a communications hub for information, support, promotion of local events, organisations and linking our communities.
  • Stalybridge Town Council will have to be consulted on all planning applications that affect Stalybridge Town. 
  • Stalybridge Town Council will consult and develop a neighbourhood plan that focuses on the development of Stalybridge as a town.
  • To enable infrastructure to be in-place for the benefit of the town and its community. 
  • Work with the community to achieve the residents’ priorities, improve our parks, playgrounds and leisure facilities. 
  • To engage with national policy makers such as National Association of Local Councils.
  • To focus solely on the health, economy and enviroment of Stalybridge and the surrounding areas.
  • To ensure that your community is supported by a Council that understands local issues.
  • To act as facilitator for events and promotions to benefit the town.
  • To promote Stalybridge's identity as an historic ex-mill town which has a lot to offer not only to tourists but also residents old and new.
  • To encourage tourism and event management to promote the whole of the sights and experiences of the town.
  • To ensure that housing developments are in keeping with the local materials. 


What Can Stalybridge Town Council Do For Me?

 Stalybridge Town consists of a group of villages, areas and housing developments which surrround a central hub. These communities have become part of Stalybridge and will be honoured and encouraged to maintain their identities.

  • A Stalybridge Council could ensure that the individual communities within the stewardship of the town can maintain and enhance their natural diversity.
  • They can have their doubts and concerns raised to a group that not only understand their points of view but are willing to negotiate with other local bodies.
  • This will ensure that any development or changes are carried out with due consideration for the consensus of the residents within the affected area and are not detrimental to service provision.
  • Advertisement of locally appropriate retail units can be through the council to ensure that retailers who take on units within the community areas do so with full cognizance of the requirements of that community that it will be for them to fulfill.
  • A Stalybridge Council means that people who care about our town and the people within it will be able to prevent further deterioration of trade within the town
  • To develop strengths and progress to ensure the rebirth of the town and to listen to the people in order to achieve that goal.
  • A locally governed town means returning power to the people of Stalybridge.

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