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Who is Stalybridge Together?

Stalybridge Together Committee

What do Stalybridge Together Committee members do?

  • Run the group according to its constitution.
  • Make sure that any funds are spent on achieving the aims of the group.
  • Organise, with the assistance of local and national support organisations such as NALC, the correct procedure to attain a Town Council.
  • Organise general meetings for members (including the annual general meeting where committee members are elected for one year).
  • Take action on decisions taken at general meetings.
  • Take responsibility for actioning plans that have been made at the Meetings.
  • Communicate regularly with members and let them know what work has been done on their behalf and what upcoming work is required.
  • Volunteer, where possible, to undertake such action to promote the cause of Stalybridge Together and to ensure that all residents are involved as much as they wish to be.

Vicky McLarnon Chair (Pending) Vice Chair
Paul Murney Treasurer Peter Taylor Trustee
Paul Turner Webmaster Terry Grainger Trustee
Peter Taylor Events Ruth Rees Stalybridge South Ward
Chris Caton-Greasley  Training Co-ordinator Diane Priest Stalybridge/Dukinfield Ward
Adam Spencer-Young Social Alwyn Bailey Stalybridge North Ward

Stalybridge Together Members

What do members of Stalybridge Together do.

  • Attend management committee meetings as an observer (please book in advance so that we can ensure that there is enough space in the meeting room).
  • Vote every year for who they want to be on the management committee.
  • Be nominated to stand for election to the management committee.
  • Volunteer to help the work of the group (for example, delivering leaflets or helping to write a newsletter).
  • Provide a voice and an ear in our local areas to promote and support the cause of Stalybridge Together.
  • Promote positively the Town Council concept and encourage others to become involved.


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